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LHG Meat-A-Thon

Meat-a-Thon text with various steaks in background

November 13, 2022
11am - 3pm

Lemont Downtown

Because, if you can eat 26 ounces of meat, you deserve a medal.

Here's your chance to compete in the inaugural LHG Meat-A-Thon. Located in Historic Downtown Lemont, your challenge is to visit 13 stations - each with a different 2 ounce serving of meat. It's a plethora of protein during this celebration of carnivores!

We want you to look the part, so you'll receive a LHG Meat-A-Thon T-Shirt and Racing Bib as well. You're going to sweat ... so technically it's exercise, right?

When you complete the 13 stations, head back to receive your finisher medal.

This is not a timed race, so take your time and enjoy each bite. 26 ounces is the pre-cooked measurement.

For more information, please contact Dan at [email protected] or 630-257-5997.

$100 + $4.95 processing fee
Must be 18 or older on the day of the challenge to participate.

(We will continue to announce more over the next few weeks.  Please remember that location line-up and what's being served is subject to change.)
  • Barrel & Vine
  • Big Ed's Shed - Texas Red Chili
  • Heroes West - Hamburger Sliders
  • Matt's Barbecue - Pulled Pork
  • Mucha Salsa - 14-hour slow roasted pork belly, butternut squash nage, house grown microgreens, aged balsamic
  • The Phoenix Kitchen and Cocktails
  • Rosebud Lemont
  • Wooden Paddle - Fried Meatballs

Below is the concept art for the medal and t-shirt.


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