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LHG Meat-A-Thon

Meat-a-Thon text with various steaks in background

November 13, 2022
11am - 2pm

Lemont Downtown

It's a challenge like no other.  Numerically-inspired by the traditional marathon, your goal is to eat 26.2 ounces of meat*.  This event brings together the great restaurants and deli counters in Lemont and Homer Glen.

It's exercise because you'll be sweating at the end.

You'll check in and receive your commemorative long-sleeve t-shirt and challenge bib.  You have three hours to complete the mission, which will take you to a number of stations.  And, you will get a wide variety of meats during this challenge.  Steak, hamburger, sausage, and more.

And, because you'll be finishing a true achievement...  you will get a finisher medal.  Who needs a marathon, when there is a Meat-a-Thon!

* Pre-cooked weight.  Since there are many variables involved, this amount may be a little more or a little less.  

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