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Access the Membership Portal (Change Page info, add job postings, add event postings, add member deals, add hot deals)

The Membership Portal is the easiest way to let the HCBA Staff and fellow members know about what's going on at your organization.  Whether its news, member-to-member deals, events, or more - you can access the member portal any time, any day.

We've created a video to demonstrate what you can do with the member portal, or you can read the directions below the video as well.

Remember, if you're in a pinch, you can always send us things to post at - however, we cannot guarantee that we'll get to it.  (We're a small staff and we have 300 members).

How to access the portal

The link to the portal is  You can also access the link via our top menu at (Membership -> Member Resources -> Member Login) or via the link on the Home Page.

You should have a username and password from when you first signed up with the HCBA.  If you have forgotten either, you can use the "Forgot Username / Password" link on the screen - or you can contact HCBA Staff at or 630-257-5997.  If you are new to your company and need an account created, contact HCBA Staff using the same contact info as stated in the previous sentence.

How to change your website listing

To change your organization's contact information that displays on your web site, while on the home screen click on Company Information on your left-hand menu.  Click on "Organization Information."  Note, if you prefer that your address not be shown - you will need to type in something for physical address.  Examples could be "Lemont Downtown", "Homer Glen", etc.  Make sure the "Use this contact information on your public member webpage" is selected.  Remember to hit "Save Changes."

To change your description, social media handles, hours, and other details, click on Company Information on your left hand menu.  Choose "Website Information."  Here, you can change those details.  Remember to hit "Save Changes."

If you are looking to add photos to your listing, please email those directly to

How to change your website listing

To change your listing, please send changes (including any photos you might want to add) to  We are still working to make allow you direct access at this time.

How to post an event to or

To post an event to both web sites, click "Events" on the top menu.  Look for the "Add Event" button.

On this screen, you will be able to add your event information (including photos).  Remember, if you are adding a recurring event (ex. "Live Irish Music every Monday"), change the "recurrence" option.  This will save you time and allow you to enter one event multiple times (rather than creating an event for each occurance).

Upon completion, click "Submit for approval."  We go through the "approval" just to make sure that bots aren't entering any extra info.

We use the data here to program in the events for

How to post a job to or

To post a job to both web sites, from the home screen, click on "Job Postings."  Look for the "Add Job Posting" button.  Type in the relevant information.  When you see "Active Dates," this is how long you want the posting to be active for.  If you foresee filling the position within a month, please only choose a month.  This allows us to showcase current information.

If you are always seeking help (ex. restaurant front-of-house positions), choose a date in the long term to always keep the post up.

When the spots are filled, please remember to let us know at --- or use the "Manage job posting" to delete the posting.

How to post a news release to fellow members (aka "What's going on")

From the home page of the portal, click "News Releases" on the left hand menu.  Then, click on "Add News Releases."  This is a great way to let your fellow members know what is going on.  This is where HCBA Staff also looks for information to potentially feature on our web sites and social media.

How to post deals (either Member-To-Member or general public) on and

There are two different types of deals that you can enter into the Member Portal.  These both can be entered in using the appropriate button on the left-menu on the home page

  • Member to Member:  These are deals that you want specifically to go to fellow chamber members.  These are not published to the public, but will be posted in our member e-newsletter.
  • Hot Deals:  These are deals for the general public.  These are published on our site, and can potentially be featured on our social media or newsletters.
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