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LHG Meat-A-Thon, Details for Restaurants and Grocery Stores

You are invited to take part in the first annual LHG Meat-A-Thon in Downtown Lemont on Sunday, November 13. This rain-or-shine event is a Celebration of Carnivores, giving attendees the chance to sample different items with one key thing in common - MEAT.

Burgers, pulled pork, tacos and more.  This one day event will feature a plethora of protein for patrons to get their warm-up in for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Serve from a Tent, Food Truck, or Inside Your Restaurant

  • If you run an already established downtown restaurant, challengers can pop in for a quick bite to eat.
  • If not, bring a tent or a food truck to set-up. We'll will find a place for you to set you up in Downtown Lemont.

What Do I Need To Do to Participate?

This will be explained more in detail below in the Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Apply online.
  2. Have a valid food sanitation certificate.
  3. Provide a maximum of 100 samples that contain a minimum of two ounces of meat (when pre-cooked) to those taking the "Meat-A-Thon Challenge."  Samples must be properly prepared and distributed during the event.
  4. Provide a $500 deposit check if your business is a not an HCBA member at the time of the event, which will be returned to you upon your successful completion of the event.
  5. Certificate of Insurance naming the Heritage Corridor Business Alliance as additional insured

What Will I Get For Participating?

  1. Marketing exposure, including your company's name on the back of up to 100 t-shirts given to those taking the "Meat-A-Thon Challenge."
  2. $1.50 per person participating in the "Meat-A-Thon Challenge."
  3. The ability to place a flier / other promotional merchandise into our participant bags.
  4. The ability to sell to anyone that just shows up.
  5. Your $500 check back.


What's the deal with the 100 samples?

The HCBA will be hosting "The LHG Meat-A-Thon Challenge" as a fundraiser.

Assuming we get enough participating vendors, we will be selling a maximum of 100 Challenges - where each "competitor" will have to eat an item from participating booths. If less than 100 competitors sign up, this amount will be lowered.

Challengers will receive a bib and a t-shirt, just as if they were participating in a marathon. The t-shirt will feature the names of all of the participating vendors... (part of the marketing your business will receive).

Upon completion of the challenge, challengers will receive a finishers medal ... which will look like a golden porterhouse steak.

We are hoping that, if successful, this event will grow bigger and bigger.

The money generated from the event will be used to:

  • Purchase bibs, t-shirts, and medals
  • Market the event
  • $1.50 from each challenger will be given back to participating vendors
  • With the remainder going to benefit the HCBA.

What's the deal with the $500 check?

We will be promoting the heck out of this event, including those vendors participating in it. We also will be featuring those vendors on the t-shirt of the event. The $500 is as a deposit.

If an organization does not show, or fails to provide the 100 samples as indicated on their application, the will forfeit their deposit.

For those that do, we will return that check to them at the end of the event.

Can I make money at the event?

There is definitely the chance to make money. However, this is an outdoor, rain-or-shine event with many different potential circumstances that could effect profitability.  At a minimum, you will receive $1.50 per "Meat-a-Thon" Challenge participant.

Our goal in designing this event was to make sure that you get the "marketing bank for the buck" no matter what.

Can I serve whatever I want?

We are going to do our best to make sure there is a wide variety of options, especially for the Challenge portion of the event. (It'd be weird if every vendor serves mini-burgers).

So, we are going to do a two-part application process. The first part is just saying "I want to participate." Upon this portion being approved, we will send you a second part of the application, where you will have to give us three potential options to serve. Once the second portion is approved, you are officially signed up for the event (and subject to the terms above).

We are going to give "menu priority" to: HCBA Members and those who apply & are accepted the quickest. This doesn't necessarily mean that there will be only one person serving mini-burgers, as in our example above.

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