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LHG Meat-A-Thon, Details for Restaurants and Grocery Stores

Thank you for checking out, and hopefully considering, taking part in this inaugural event.

Yes, my idea for the LHG Meat-A-Thon is crazy ... and I don't think anything like it has been done.  And, I'm hoping that this spectacle can bring attention to the area - as well as your business.  I'm purposely limiting this to 100 participants (and possibly 5 additional "comps" if I can find a few celebs).

If you are interested, please click on the "Apply" button below.  Scroll down further to see our Frequently Asked Questions.


How much to participate?  
If you are able to provide 105 miniature bites and serve them in Downtown Lemont in a safe and sanitary manner ... then there is no additional cost.  The bite must have approximately 1 ounce of meat to keep the spirit of the event.

The miniature bite should be a cut-up portion.  For example, if you have a 16 ounce burger ... cut it up into 16 portions.  Which in total would be 7 hamburgers (possibly 8 if you figure a little waste).

What if I'm not located in Lemont Downtown?
We hope that you can bring a food truck or a 10'x10' tent (with the necessary equipment to keep your food warm and tasty).  We want this to be a marketing opportunity for you as well.  HCBA staff will also ask you for your needs (like electric).

If you don't have a tent ... we will also be asking our Downtown locations to "buddy up" as well for the event.

What if I can't provide staff?
We will be reaching out for volunteer assistants as well.  But, obviously, we prefer trained restaurant staff familiar with serving and keeping things sanitary.

I'm in Lemont Downtown, and Won't This Screw Up My Lunch Rush?
We will work with you to come up with an idea to make sure your

Why do you keep saying "Lemont Downtown" and not "Downtown Lemont?"
It's a branding thing.

So, what do I get out of this?

  • My gratitude
  • Your Business Name on the back of the commemorative t-shirt
  • The chance to put a flier/coupon in the participants bag
  • Social and Web Site Love on our social channels
    • We may start new social media accounts for the event, but we'll also provide extra posts on HCBA and My LHG Guide.

What should I serve?

  • We are going to have everyone "apply" and give us up to 3 potential options to serve.  We want you to be creative, but also think about what will work best for this type of event.  The HCBA will work with you to figure out how everyone fits in the overall puzzle.  We don't want everyone to serve the same thing ... or we don't want everyone to serve the same protein.  We believe that the variety will help make our participants enjoy the event any more.

Is there anything else that I need to participate?

  • We will ask that everyone name the HCBA as "additional insured" on their insurance.  Sorry, legal thing.  Anytime we work with restaurants and food trucks for our events, we have to do it.
  • Proper sanitation training and certificates.  Lemont Police will be checking.
  • Help in having fun with this.

What do the participants get?

  • Participants will get a participant bag which will feature anything you want to put in (please let staff know what you're thinking if its more than just coupons/fliers ... just so that we get the right size bags).  Bags will also include a "Racing bib", so you know who is participating in the event, and a t-shirt that features the event logo and all the names of all of the participating locations.

Is the event timed?

  • We do NOT want this to be a speed event (dont' need people choking).
  • The event will be limited to three hours, just so our restaurants and deli counters can get back to "normal business."

Will participants sign a waiver?

  • Yes.
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