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Latest News from the Heritage Corridor Business Alliance

Lemongrass Porkchop topped with red chili oil and a creamy cucumber salad

2nd Annual LHG Test Kitchen Week Showcases the Culinary Creativity of Local Lemont and Homer Glen Restaurants

By growthzone | January 20, 2023

#micronet_heading# LEMONT, IL – Five local restaurants are participating in the 2nd Annual LHG Test Kitchen Week, which runs from January 20-26, 2023. Participating restaurants in the Lemont and Homer Glen (IL) area were tasked with coming up with unique dishes, drinks and desserts that customers will be able to submit comments and ratings directly to the…

Photo: Three cartoon characters holding hands on top of a circular puzzle, reaching out to a fourth to finish the puzzle. Text: 3 reasons to Join the HCBA in a Time of Economic Uncertainty

Three Reasons to Join the Heritage Corridor Business Alliance in a Time of Economic Uncertainty

By growthzone | January 16, 2023

#micronet_heading# Times of economic uncertainty don’t cause anyone to look for new ways to spend money.  But, there are some investments in your business that even when you’re worried about cash flow, are worth the return.  Without those necessities – be they software or services – you couldn’t operate.  A membership with the Heritage Corridor…

Cartoon pushing a shopping cart with a giant heart in it

How to Make Your Product or Service Indispensable

By growthzone | December 29, 2022

#micronet_heading# Unless you are extremely fortunate, there’s a lot of competition out there. Your product or service must compete against a host of other businesses not just in your town but, potentially, across the globe. You’re also in competition with inaction or doing nothing at all. If you haven’t analyzed the competition lately, you may…

Should Your Small Business Stay on Twitter? Five Things to Ask Yourself That Have Nothing to do with Elon

Should Your Small Business Stay on Twitter?  Five Things to Ask Yourself That Have Nothing to do with Elon

By growthzone | December 21, 2022

#micronet_heading# Yes, Twitter seems to be the talk of the social media world.  Not necessarily for good reasons either.  Whether you love Elon or you’re fed up with him, you might be thinking about dropping Twitter for your business. Here are five things to think about, plus a bonus thought to consider. 1)    Where’s Your Audience?…

Clock with text superimposted - Making the Most of Your Minutes

Making the Most of Your Minutes

By growthzone | December 20, 2022

If becoming more productive is one of your New Year’s resolutions, we have a suggestion for you that could be a game changer.

Business Woman presenting a slide to other business people as if the lady was reading a story to children

3 Storytelling Tips for Marketing a Boring Product/Service at the Holidays

By growthzone | December 20, 2022

#micronet_heading# We’re not here to call your baby ugly. But let’s face it, if you’re reading this article, you must think your product or service isn’t the sexiest, easiest to market. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t good potential. Storytelling can help enliven even the most common products. Through these marketing suggestions you can finish…

Popular Misconceptions about Shopping Small (and How to Combat Those Myths)

By growthzone | December 12, 2022

#micronet_heading# It’s less than two weeks until Christmas. That means businesses with e-commerce options are quickly counting down deadlines for Christmas deliveries. This is the perfect time for local small business to shine because you can promise customers holiday smiles quicker than they can be delivered in online purchases. However, there may still be things…

A Quick Chat Podcast Art - Jason Thompson of Edge Music Academy pictured

A Quick Chat with Jason Thompson of Edge Music Academy

By growthzone | December 8, 2022

#micronet_heading# Entrepreneurship is about doing what you love, and Jason Thompson has turned his love of music and helping others into his own business.  He started Edge Music Academy in Homer Glen, IL. With a focus on education and gearing classes on the music you want to play, his Academy is quickly growing and has…

What is Linktree and Why Should You Sign Up for a Free Account?

By growthzone | December 7, 2022

#micronet_heading# If you frequent Instagram, you’ve probably see “link in Bio.”  Since that social network makes you take out a paid ad to have a clickable URL.  But, since the link in an account’s profile (or bio) … sending people to your web site via the “link in bio” was the work around. Although, yes,…

Bulldog trying to grab Benebone toy from owner's hand at Pet Supplies Plus in Homer Glen

Chamber Dog Adventures: Pet Supplies Plus

By growthzone | December 5, 2022

In this first installment of Chamber Dog Adventures, Bella the Bulldog visits Pet Supplies Plus in Homer Glen. Join her as she checks out the aisles!

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