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Government Affairs Recap for the Week of February 20, 2023

The HCBA's goal with our Government Affairs recaps are to provide you with a summary of what is happening on a state, local, and national level - especially those items that may have an effect on your business. We will continue to update this page as meetings happen and as official minutes are released.

Village of Homer Glen

Village Board Meeting
Wednesday, February 22

In this meeting, the board took care of administrative duties and various items were discussed like political signs and event updates.

The board did approve consideration of a visioning process and concept development of a new town center.  A RFP was sent out to several agencies to present a plan, and a select committee chose an agency to potentially move forward with.  (Discussions will occur in executive session, which is not open to the public).

The board also approved for consideration a reimbursement grant award under the Commercial Building Improvement Grant Program to LGA Retail (Little Green Apple Hallmark).  Economic Development Director Patch mentioned that there is a ballpark amount of $8,300 in the fund.

Other approved considerations - an IGA with Homer Township about the '23, '24, and '25 Pet Fest and approval of an organization adopting the official 2023 Zoning Map.

National Labor Relations Board

Per an article on, the National Labor Relations Board has announced:

A severance agreement is unlawful if it precludes an employee from assisting coworkers with workplace issues concerning their employer, and from communicating with others, including a union, and the Board, about his employment

Employers can no longer include a broadly written confidentiality clause that requires you to keep mum about the terms of your severance agreement, and they can no longer include a broadly written non-disparagement clause that prohibits you from discussing the terms and conditions of your employment.

The ruling is effective immediately, however there is a chance of appeal.  Employers should review - and if necessary revise) - their several agreements.

The article can be read at

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