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Thank You for Your Interest in being an HCBA Storyteller

Thank you for your interest in becoming an HCBA Storyteller. Please watch the video below to learn more about the program, and if you are interested, you can continue to the application process.

STEP 1 - Watch the Informational Video below

STEP 2 - Fill Out the Application


STEP 3 - Be on the lookout for a few emails.

Once Dan receives your email, he will confirm that it was received.  (This process is not automatic, so please give up to 2 working days for Dan to respond).  If you do not receive that confirmation email, please call 630-257-5997 or email [email protected].

Please allow 2 additional working days for Dan to respond if you have been accepted or declined.  Upon being accepted, you will be sent a link to the HCBA Storyteller Group on Facebook and other information.  If you have been declined, Dan will respond with the reason why - this most likely will be due to your HCBA account being past due.

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