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January 14 - 20, 2022.  Restaurant Week Reimagined.

This isn't your typical Restaurant Week.

Restaurant Members, we're not asking you for discounts.  We're not charging you to participate. LHG Test Kitchen Week is here to stir up your imagination.

All member restaurants, bakeries, bars, and breweries are invited to participate.

We are asking you to come up with one (or more) creative dishes or drinks to offer during LHG Test Kitchen Week.  Bring out your inner master chef or mixologist.  Charge appropriately for your creations.  And, let's energize this normally slow time.

We're going to get your customers involved as well.  We will provide survey cards with QR codes to get the feedback on your items.  (This feedback will only be shared with each specific location.)  However, the best rated dish and the best rated drink may ended up winning some hardware.

Please register your restaurant by November 15 to take part event.  Info about your dish(es) or drink(s) will need to be submitted to the office December 1, giving the HCBA time to get out and take photos to help publicize the event.  Publicity for the event will start in early January 2022.

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