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Important Info for Those with 5 or More Employees – Illinois Secure Choice

Older gentleman painting in his studio. Text: A New Choice for Retirement Savings

State law now requires every Illinois employer with five or more employees to offer their own retirement program or facilitate the Illinois Secure Choice program.

  • The deadline for those with 16 or more employees has already passed.  Make sure you have registered or requested your exemption at
  • The deadline for those with 5 to 15 employees is November 1, 2023.  You can register / request your exemption now to make sure you don't forget and become subject to enforcement and financial penalties.

Employers who have fewer than 5 employees, have been in business for less than two years, or who already offer an employer-sponsored  retirement program are exempt from facilitating this program.  Please remember to request your exemption through the Illinois Secure Choice website.

There are a few different options for businesses in complying with law, including self-administration, using a designee (like a payroll services provider), or finding a retirement services provider.  If you self-administer the program, there are no direct fees - just your time.  Using your designee or providing a employer-sponsored retirement program has fees, but can save you time in the long run.  It's a choice that each business owner will have to evaluate.

If you have any questions about the Illinois Secure Choice Savings Program Act, please contact Dan Mulka at or 630-257-5997.  Please also stay tuned to the HCBA blog as we will be publishing more content in the upcoming weeks.

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