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Identify and Communicate Your Unique Selling Points (USPs)

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Your small business is unique, but do your potential customers know that?

Small businesses face a lot of competition, both online and offline.  And, if you're marketing yourself similarly to the competition - you can get lost in the shuffle.

That is why you need to emphasize your unique selling points, also known as unique selling propositions or USPs for short.  A USP is something unique that sets you apart, making your business special and valuable to customers.

Reasons to emphasize your unique selling points

There are many reasons to emphasize your USPs, including:

  • Differentiation from larger businesses and competition.  If a customer is looking for something specific that they can't find elsewhere, they will be attracted to your business.
  • Your USP can help build trust and credibility when customers find you and you deliver on your proposition.
  • Your USP may be able to bring in extra revenue if your customers see a value in what you are offering in comparison to your customers.

Focus on the following to effectively emphasize your unique selling points

  • Identify your unique selling points:  Take time to think about what makes your business unique and valuable to customers.  This can be a specific product or service, a unique approach to business, or a particular expertise.  And, if you need help coming up with your USP, ask your customers!
  • Communicate your USPs effectively:  Once you have identified your USPs, make sure to communicate them effectively to potential customers.  On your web site, social media, advertising, and other marketing materials.  And make sure you are communicating where your potential customers are!
  • Incorporate USPs into your branding:  A business's branding should reflect its unique selling points.  This includes the business name, logo, and overall visual identity.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, if you are going to stand out from the competition - you need to know why you stand out and shout it out loud.  You need to also practice what you preach to build trust and credibility.  And you need to monetize your USP properly.


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