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The BMO Health Savings Account, Delivered by Lively

Banner featuring BMO and Lively HSA Card

The BMO Health Savings Account (HSA), delivered by Lively paired with a high deductible health plan (HDHP) allows you to invest in your health and create long-term savings.

#1 User-rated HSA

Lively is bringing the h SA into the modern era so it's easy to save on the cost of healthcare today and plan for the cost of tomorrow.  So easy that users rate it the #1 HSA on the market.

Lively provides intuitive digital tools to help you save and manage healthcare expenses and make your money work harder for you.

Maximize tax savings *
Contributions are made pre-tax and earnings grow tax-free.

Save on healthcare expenses
Pay for qualified medical expenses using tax-free dollars.

Invest and grow your funds **
HSA funds can be invested tax-free with no minimums to start.  With two leading investment options to help your money work harder for you.

Access funds and track expenses
Easily pay for qualified medical expenses with an HSA debit card and manage your healthcare expenses online or through Lively's mobile app.

Fee Free
There are no monthly fees or minimum balances and the money is yours even if you change jobs or get new health insurance.

Lively's Dedicated Customer Support
Support when you need it and how you want it through phone (888-348-2083) or online chat and messaging at

Get started today!

Contact Lana Thompson at 312-909-2975.


Flier from BMO about Lively
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