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Member Spotlight:  Holistic Riding Equestrian Therapy

Holistic Riding Equestrian Therapy (HRET) is passionately committed to empowering the lives of individuals with varied physical, emotional, cognitive, and social abilities through the "Spirit of the Horse". They offer skill appropriate classes meeting the needs of preschoolers on our ponies to independent riders on our program safe horses.

HRET is proud to announce that they are an all-inclusive equine assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) program crossing all socio-economic, ethnic and racial boundaries to equally and equitably serve all individuals in need from all backgrounds. Traditional clinical therapies can become routine and patients may lose interest and enthusiasm to participate.  Their program provides an interesting and engaging nontraditional approach to achieving the most desired and needed goals and objectives of this community.  HRET’s vision to add a curriculum introducing unique, new career paths (i.e., animal sciences, veterinarians/vet techs, farrier, dental specialists) has increased student enrollment in post graduate education and interest in pursuing nontraditional career opportunities.  By combining agriculture, farming, therapeutic riding and horsemanship curriculums, students significantly increase their physical strength faster, greatly improve their life skills, and develop an overwhelming sense of self-esteem and confidence.

Research shows that nature-based education is effective for students - boosting interest in academics, improving grades, and reducing dropouts (Camassao and Jagannathan, 2018, Dettweiler et. al., 2015, McCree et al., 2018, Ruiz-Gallardo et al., 2013). In addition to these benefits, it is also shown to aid in reducing race-related gaps (Taylor et al., 1998).

A rider’s mom, Jodi M., stated “We’ve noticed significant increased core strength, balance and controlled mobility as a direct result of her walking and trotting her horse in the arena. Not only has the program improved her physical condition, but she finally has a hobby of her own. She loves the horses, especially caring for them and bonding with them during grooming. She is much more self-confident, flaunting her independence and loves interacting with volunteers and other riders. She asks daily if I will take her to the farm. This program has changed our family’s life! “


Summer Camp Enrollment Is Now Open!

Parents need a break too! Summer camps at HRET are an amazing way for children 6-18 to enjoy summer fun with new equine friends!  Campers at HRET’s Horse Sense Summer Camp will enjoy horseback riding, horsemanship skills, arts & crafts, games and more!  Camp dates are June 22-24, July 27-29 and August 3-5, in Lockport, IL. One day Sunday camps are also available on July 11, August 1 and August 15.

Attention Scouts & Leaders!

HRET has an educational program to assist scouts in obtaining their horsemanship badge!

Attention Horse Lovers!

Ever dream of owning your own horse but did not have enough time, knowledge or disposable funds? HRET can make this dream come true with our Equine Dreams program!

Enrollment is now open FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!

For information and to register for the above programs, contact or call 630-878-8096 x3.  PAYMENT RESERVES YOUR SPOT!

Visit their website at or Facebook at

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